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ATO – Approved Training Organisation

Woodgate Aviation holds a United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority ATO approval to conduct ground and flight training at Belfast International and Isle of Man airports.  In addition to the ATO we also operate a King Air BE20 Full Flight Simulator (FFS) in Finland.

Courses & Training

Woodgate Aviation can provide the following courses and training:

  1. Class Rating Instructor Single Pilot Single Engine (Aeroplanes)
  2. Class Rating Instructor Single Pilot Multi Engine (Aeroplanes)
  3. Hawker Beechcraft BE-200/B200 Type Rating (Single-Pilot)
  4. Hawker Beechcraft BE-200/B200 Type Rating (Multi-Pilot)
  5. Instrument Rating (Aeroplanes) Modular Flying
  6. Instrument Rating Instructor (Aeroplanes)
  7. Competency Based Modular Instrument Rating (Aeroplanes)
  8. Pilatus Britten BN2T Type Rating (Single-Pilot)
  9. Pilatus Britten BN2T Type Rating (Multi-Pilot)
  10. Single Pilot Multi Engine Piston (Land) Class Rating
  11. Type Rating Instructor BE200/B200 (Aircraft Only)

Additional Courses and Seminars provided through Woodgate Aviation

Other courses which can be offered through our ATO include:

  1. Examiner Refresher Seminar – TRE/SFE (Aeroplanes)
  2. Examiner Refresher Seminar – TRE/SFE including SPHPCA (Aeroplanes)
  3. Examiner Refresher Seminar – CRE (Aeroplanes)
  4. Examiner Refresher Seminar – FIE (Aeroplanes)
  5. Examiner Refresher Seminar – FE CPL (Aeroplanes)
  6. Examiner Refresher Seminar – FE LAPL (Aeroplanes)
  7. Examiner Refresher Seminar – FE PPL (Aeroplanes)
  8. Examiner Refresher Seminar – IRE (Aeroplanes)
  9. Examiner Standardisation Course – CRE (Aeroplanes)

Associated ATO and AOC Approved Courses offered

  1. Aviation First Aid (Initial and recurrent)
  2. Fire and Smoke (Initial and recurrent)
  3. CRM (initial and recurrent), direct and online, single and multi-pilot
  4. BE90 and BE200 type rating renewal training (single and multi-pilot)
  5. Licence Skill Test and Licence Proficiency Checks (BE200 Full Flight Simulator and Aircraft)
  6. BE90 and BE200 Operator Proficiency Checks (BE200 Full Flight Simulator and Aircraft)
  7. BE200 Type Rating Instructor Assessment of Competence (Full Flight Simulator and Aircraft)
  8. BE90 and BE200 recurrent training programs to include LPC and OPC (Single and Multi-Pilot)
  9. Wet Drills
  10. Instructor AoC’s
  11. Examiner AoC’s
  12. EASA Examiner Refresher training (all levels)
  13. EASA Examiner standardisation training (all levels)
  14. EASA Examiner AoC’s (all levels)


Woodgate Aviation, working in cooperation On-Track Aviation Ltd, can now offer Danish EASA Examiner Refresher training and Danish EASA Examiner standardisation training at Wellsbourne and Belfast International Airport.